The Secret to Playing with Zen

The Secret to Playing with Zen

June 15, 2017

Even with the advanced technology of today’s solid core manufacturing process, most golf balls on the market are subject to anomalies including the top selling balls. More than 99% of golf balls are marked with an alignment line. But this line does not represent a balance point on the ball. It simply serves as a visual guide to line up putts.

At Zen Golf, we aim to present players around the world with every possible advantage.  And that means the opportunity to play not just any ordinary tour ball.

Tired of hand drawing alignment lines on golf balls, we created Zen Golf Balls to make premium golf balls that are balanced, aligned and marked to their center of gravity in the development process.

By balancing our golf balls using basic fluid dynamics we determine the true balance point and mark that point with an alignment line. Many professional players do this to get that extra advantage.

Aligning the ball to its exact center of gravity ensures that when it is struck it diminishes any bias. This gives you:

< longer drives

< reduced sidespin and

< precision putting

Now, balanced, aligned and marked tour quality balls are available to all golfers, not just the pros.

So what’s the secret to playing with Zen?

Line it up off the tee and on the green for longer drives and an end over end pure roll with every putt.

 Zen Golf Ball Premium Tour Ball

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