Zen & Fluid Dynamics

Zen & Fluid Dynamics

June 15, 2017

Using basic fluid dynamics, at Zen we take the time to hand mark every ball we make at it’s exact center of gravity. This way, the Zen alignment arrow is precisely printed at that exact balance point. Although this takes significantly extra time during manufacturing, the results make it well worth it. All golf balls are subject to anomalies and small manufacturing defects, including the top selling balls on the market. At Zen, our mission is to manufacture the best possible ball and align each one to it’s exact balance point, giving every golfer the confidence to know their ball will do exactly what they want to if they execute the stoke.

If you putt a ball on a fast green, and the ball is biased to one side or the other relative to the intended target line, getting that ball to stay on line is very difficult. But if it’s balance perfectly, the way all Zen balls are, the ball will hold its line, guaranteed. Golf is a difficult game, playing with a ball that could make it even harder just doesn’t make sense. Play a Zen ball, play a True Balance ball, make more putts and shoot lower scores…it’s just that simple.

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